Publication Date 15 February 2023

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The Nazi Killers were members of a secret army created by Churchill to better fight the Nazis. A true yet little known story hidden behind 50 years of a "top-secret" classification.

In 1940 when the threat of a Nazi invasion of England became real, Churchill decided to mobilize the whole country to fight the enemy behind the front lines by establishing the Special Operations Executive (SOE), also known as the "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare". Some of its agents came from the armed forces but many of them were civilians from all walks of life. "There were actors, Jewish soldiers thirsty for revenge, gangsters, women, artists including Ian Fleming whose experience and encounters with SOE inspired the character of James Bond," explains the author in his preface.
The SOE's missions were as crazy as they were varied: stealing and decrypting enemy documents, sabotaging roads, hatching plots to kill Hitler and his senior officers... Churchill's secret army was malicious, vindictive and inventive and played a key role in the Second World War: "Without it, the war would have lasted at least six months longer and cost the lives of thousands more soldiers," according to General Eisenhower.
After his success with the graphic biography Quentin par Tarantino, Amazing Ameziane was curious to find out who the famous Inglorious Basterds were that inspired the American filmmaker’s film of the same name. Searching through World War II archives, he found them: they were agents of the SOE.

"I was simply blown away to discover these men and women of extraordinary courage. I had such a great time doing this research that it was hard to stop. It was also a pleasure to create this work," says Amazing Ameziane who, true to form, created every part of this graphic novel: the text, the colors, and the art, whose styles he varied. For example he created fake posters using fonts from the 40s to replicate the period as closely as possible.

With 5,000 copies sold in France, Nazi Killers has also had great success internationally. Translation rights have been sold in Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, English (worldwide) and Spanish (worldwide) as this graphic novel reveals a fascinating but totally unknown chapter of the Second World War.

Katja Petrovic 
February 2024