A coffee table book about female pioneers, 100% girl power: 7,000 copies sold in France.


A coffee table book about female pioneers—100% girl power—which has sold more than 7,000 copies in France. Korean language rights have already been sold.

Artists, researchers, adventurers... this book is a collection of portraits of a hundred women who were pioneers in their fields. Illustrated by the young instagrammer Gomargu, their adventures have seduced male and female readers of all ages.

Have you heard of Jeanne Barret? She was the first woman to circumnavigate the earth, which she did in 1767. She was born into a peasant family and was passionate about medicinal plants with a thousand virtues and went into service of Philibert Commerson, King Louis XV’s botanist. When the monarch asked him to go around the world by ship to make a census of all plants, Jeanne accompanied him aboard the Star in 1767. Forbidden to board a royal ship because she was born a woman, she disguised herself as a man: "A boy’s haircut, her chest bound, calling herself Jean Baré she travels as the botanist’s official valet and assistant—roles she plays wonderfully well". 

This is an excellent example of one of the female pioneers in this book. Published in honor of the centenary of International Women's Day on March 8, 2021, this work collects a hundred portraits of women, from different eras and cultures who were pioneers in their fields: artists, athletes, politicians, scientists, some known, such as Rosa Parks, Marie Curie and Angela Merkel and some that have been completely forgotten. 

"It's a book for both men and women, and of all ages.  The texts are short and accessible, highly researched yet light and often humorous. The idea was to make it a fun book to read and look at," says Séverine Zorzetto, head of rights at La Martinière. It has sold more than 7,000 copies in France. Korean language rights have already been sold. 

"I hope there will be more rights sales as this is an important book," said Séverine Zorzetto. "These women who made feminist history (...) foreshadowed the world of today and tomorrow. Talking about them is a way of transmitting inspiration to future generations, who must continue to forge ahead. Because, as we know and are regularly reminded, rights cannot be taken for granted," actress Julie Gayet points out in her preface. 
Katja Petrovic 
July 2022