A coffee table book sold into English and German.

French Chateau Style is a coffee table book that allows its readers to discover French estates, castles and manors rarely or never open to the public. A way to incite dreams of homes some of which represent a thousand years of history. 

Passion for castles and heritage is currently on the rise. French Chateau Style doesn’t feature France’s famous domains but private castles and manors never or rarely open to the public, whose owners are not "heirs" but enthusiasts who have dedicated their time, energy and investments to giving life and soul to these extraordinary places. 
12,000 of France’s 45,000 heritage buildings are privately owned. Journalist-stylist Catherine Scotto and photographer Marie Pierre Morel have carefully selected the homes presented in this book, such as writer Jean Rameau’s property with its extravagant decor, full of poetry, but little known to the public. They have chosen castles that tell stories or hide secrets, owners who reveal the not- always-easy process of restoring these sorts of places as well as insights into "castle life"... 
This book plunges the reader into the history of castles through different eras, in a personal and unique way. 
"It is a journey through interior decorating and heritage projects as well as an ode to adoration of historic homes, their grandeur, their poetry and their frailty," explains Séverine Zorzetto, head of foreign rights at Éditions de La Martinière. A cross between a photojournalistic essay and a coffee table book. Its thick matte paper was chosen to contrast with the classic theme. French Chateau Style has been well received by history and heritage enthusiasts in France and has sold 2,000 copies sold to date.
The rights for English and German versions have been sold. According to Séverine Zorzetto, "the extraordinary French architectural heritage and the French art of living appeal to foreign publishers as they are a way for readers to dream of a unique lifestyle in a wonderous landscape, surrounded by antiques and other and beautiful objects, within century-old walls steeped in history."
A new work in the collection will be released in the fall of 2023: French Farm Style, about farms and their owners and how they renovate, restore and maintain these properties.
Hannah Sandvoss, Katja Petrovic 
September 2023