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A tribute to children who read!


101 Ways to Read a Book is a tribute to children who read. Thanks to Timothée de Fombelle’s words and Benjamin Chaud’s illustrations, readers discover all possible and imaginable reading positions, because reading is a pleasure to be enjoyed anywhere, in any way that gives us the power to travel. 

"Are you the Sunflower who seeks out the light to read, or the Chihuahua who becomes tiny when necessary, or the Ruminant who grazes on more than grass?" A keen observer, Timothée de Fombelle has carefully taken note and given names to all the incredible positions that a reader can assume when immersed in a book, whether at the beach, under the covers or simply in an armchair. 
"When I started writing children’s books, I thought I would be writing from an ivory tower, but little by little, I realized that there are young readers everywhere: in schools, bookstores and libraries, and they are reading with their feet up the wall or rolled into a ball under a table! I became hyper-aware of this because I was constantly being told that children don’t read. Maybe statistically their numbers are declining, but as far as I’m concerned, readers are hard core because they are militant,” explains Timothée de Fombelle who has managed to engage not only his usual fans but also new little readers, in the adventure of reading with this book.
Benjamin Chaud's drawings add humor and tenderness to this book which celebrates the roving spirit and incredible imagination of young readers. 
Timothée de Fombelle's works, usually bestsellers, are always eagerly awaited, and 101 Ways to Read a Book has not disappointed: it’s been greeted with great enthusiasm by booksellers, the press and readers in France. 
The book has also been very successful internationally. Within a few months of publication, English (world), Spanish (world), Catalan, German, Italian, Korean and Simplified Chinese rights had been sold. According to So Taniuchi, director of foreign rights at Gallimard Jeunesse, foreign publishers were seduced by "the universality of the theme, the humour, the perfect match of Timothée de Fombelle and Benjamin Chaud and the positive message about reading."
Hannah Sandvoss, Katja Petrovic 
September 2023