Publisher CNRS Éditions
Publication Date 03 March 2022

Humanities and Non-Fiction



Written in partnership with the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique - National Center for Scientific Research), this book takes stock of the most current information on climate change in order to fight against misinformation and all the preconceived ideas that are circulating on this subject. Written in graphic novel format, it is aimed at a wide audience. 

"Has the climate really always been changing?" 
"Why is the sea level rising with global warming?" 
"Will there be more cyclones and hurricanes as the climate changes?" 
These are three of the twenty questions the authors address, in collaboration with CNRS scientists from different disciplines such as oceanography, biology and climatology. 
The authors: Thomas Wagner aka BonPote, founder of the site bonpote.com dedicated to the climate and the environment; Anne Brès, Head of Communication at the Institute of Science of the CNRS University; Claire Marc, graphic artist specializing in scientific mediation. Together, they integrated scientific information provided by the researchers into short pedagogical texts and adapted them into a graphic novel, so that readers of all ages can understand how this knowledge was built up.

This work is CNRS Éditions' biggest success with almost 50,000 copies sold in France since its release a year ago. Many companies and schools have bought it and it was also sent to members of the French parliament. "This is an important book because it is living proof that scientific research can be accessible if we use the right tools to present it. This success also shows that the public really wants to understand these issues and everything that is behind them," explains Cecile Déan, Rights Manager.

Encouraged by this enormous success, CNRS Éditions has created a collection of popular science infographics, based on the same principle, entitled "Everything You Wanted to Know About... (or Almost)". The second title, which focuses on biodiversity, was released in spring 2023. A collection is to follow!

Katja Petrovic, Cécile Déan
June 2023