Date 13 April 2022
Pages 191
Format cm 19 x 24
Price € 17.90
EAN 9782226465245
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The Female Healer

Plants and Rituals
Publisher Albin Michel
Category Practical Books
Everything you need to know about plants and rituals for awakening the power of the sacred feminine.

This book passes on ancestral knowledge that will enable women to harmonize their energies.
- Part One focuses on physical well-being and the body as a sacred space to be honored.
- Part Two deals with psychic and spiritual well-being for taking care of the soul.
- Part Three explores the female cycle: the first moons after menopause, dependence on the seasons, repercussions on daily life, and more…
In addition, Vagner lays out the foundations for practicing rituals.
A richly illustrated guide that restores to all women the healing magic that is their heritage.