Date 05 September 2013
Pages 12
Format cm 14 x 26
Price € 14.50
EAN 9782361932589

To See the Day

Category Children's Books
Keywords Birth - Life - Children - Elderly
Age 0-33-6
A poetic gem, a small pop-up book about life and living that touches on friendship, love, beauty, death, childhood, old age, and optimism.

Each page of this book expresses a feeling, a precious moment, and celebrates life's little but important pleasures in simple prose and striking imagery. At first, the illustrations seem to be in black and white, but with a flip of a flap or a tug on a tab, readers will discover a world of flowers and color! A perfect book for sharing or gifting.

  • Rights Sold USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, South Korea
  • As of: February 2023