Date 24 September 2020
Pages 32
Format cm 24 x 18
Price € 10.70
EAN 9782357960343
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Under the Trees

Winter Chills
SERIES Beneath the Trees
Keywords Winter - Animals - Romance - Clumsiness
Age 6-99-12
Winter is hard... especially for a cold, clumsy fox who's always getting tripped up in a scarf that's too long for him!

So, even when your heart starts pounding at the sight of a beautiful vixen, you'd rather be alone than risk ridicule. BOOM BOOM OOPS! Careful there! A scarf can be a dangerous thing! But what if the most embarrassing flaws hid an unsuspected qualities?

  • Sales in France 35,000 copies (for the series)
  • As of: February 2023