Date 13 October 2016
Pages 253
Format cm 11 x 17
Price € 8.00
EAN 9782364031449

The Guide to the Stride

Supporting with Your Forefoot
Publisher Désiris
Category Practical Books
Keywords Podiatry - Anatomy - Space - How-to
Do you run? Heel first? Time to try landing on the ball of your foot instead!

Forefoot running, also known as the minimalist, midfoot or natural stride, is not just a matter of striking with the forefoot: the location of support, the backward movement of the stride, the quality of impact absorption, and the frequency of support are all elements that need to be understood and mastered. What is the advantage of forefoot running? How to prepare for this practice? What movements to learn? What program to follow? What pace to adopt? This guide answers all these questions, providing the information you need to test, learn, and reinforce this new way of moving for greater efficiency and comfort in running and sports. Includes 16 QR codes.

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