Date 09 March 2022
Pages 192
Format cm 19 x 24
Price € 17.90
EAN 9782226470553
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A (Super) Productive Vegetable Patch

How to have an effective vegetable patch drawing inspiration from market gardeners
Publisher Albin Michel
Category Practical Books
Keywords Vegetable garden
Stop wearing yourself out for nothing in the vegetable garden!

Permaculture is tempting, but it doesn't always work. When lettuce and young plants are devoured by slugs, frustration and discouragement can wear the amateur gardener down! The vegetable patch must produce: it’s not a pleasure garden...
Neither dogmatic nor pretentious but pragmatic and effective, the author explains, in a very accessible way, how he manages his patch, promising readers a good harvest of organic vegetables – and all without sacrificing the beauty of your garden!