Date 30 September 2021
Pages 433
Format cm 14 x 22
Price € 22.80
EAN 9791097079833
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The Myrddinn Project

The Myrddinn Project is a dazzling coming-of-age tale of two heroes and the inexorable advance of another race of humans back to claim their own.

Two intense, unpredictable coming-of-age stories depicting two kinds of humans locked in combat.
Revolt is brewing in the underground city of Miralonde. The people's age-old enemy, homo sapiens who forced them to flee underground ‒ is rumored to be in retreat, even on the verge of extinction. Some fear a trick and want to burrow deeper; others call for war.
Young Mardo feels stifled in this highly disciplined society. He dreams of going aboveground and breathing in the scents carried on the wind, even at the risk of his own life. Up above, Quasie also feels trapped in the child welfare home and ready to change the course of her destiny.
A page-turner that will leave readers wanting more!