Date 18 March 2022
Pages 63
Format cm 21 x 30
Price € 9.90
EAN 9782317029462
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Zero-Waste Sewing: Mending and Darning

Publisher Mango
COLLECTION Couture zéro déchet
Category Practical Books
Keywords Sewing - Reuse - Fashion - DIY
From lost buttons to torn eans, clear and simple step-by-step techniques to extend the life of your clothes and help out the planet.

Turn your love of clothes into a helping hand to save the planet! This book will help you rescue your favorite outfit instead of throwing it away over a hole or a stain. Quick, easy fixes can give it a second life! Learn 14 techniques, from basic to advanced to care for your clothes: torn jeans, holey socks, moth-eaten sweaters. Now there's no no more reason to toss them! With detailed, step-by-step explanations, these techniques remain accessible to absolute beginners. Mending can be discreet or visible and whimsical: make it a creative and inspiring activity!

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