Date 08 April 2021
Pages 79
Format cm 19 x 26
Price € 14.90
EAN 9782844152633
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Drawing Cats and Other Felines

From Black and White to Color
Author Wim Verhelst
Publisher Ulisse
Category Practical Books
Age Adults
Learn how to draw all kinds of felines, from first sketches to final touches!

From a kitten curled up in a ball to a lion basking in the sun, felines are endless sources of inspiration. Successfully capturing their agile figures and silky coats is a challenge, but this book will teach ways to create lifelike renditions of their grace and beauty. Avid cat-lovers and artists will find: a step-by-step method from initial sketching to adding finishing colors; a wide variety of felines presented in different postures and from different angles; many artistic tips, from anatomical details to creating movement and drawing from life or a photograph; a variety of artistic techniques and mediums such as charcoal, graphite pencil, felt-tip pen, India ink, watercolor, etc.