Date 21 November 2019
Pages 79
Format cm 19 x 26
Price € 15.90
EAN 9782844152589
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Sculpting Animals

Publisher Ulisse
Category Practical Books
Age Adults
Learn how to sculpt animals with this instructive, fully illustrated, step-by-step book.

Starting with simple forms, even beginners can create magnificent sculptures of animals. The easy methods explained in this guidebook make sculpting techniques accessible to everyone, including: a detailed presentation of essential techniques as well as necessary tools and materials; step-by-step instructions for creating different animals from the main trunk to the smallest details; balancing proportions; errors to avoid; tips and tricks for creating movement, baby animals, or fantastical hybrids. Plus, examples of work from the author Chazot’s studio that will amaze and inspire. This simple, effective method will make everyone want to try their hand at sculpting animals!

  • Rights Sold Simplified Chinese, German, Dutch, Russian
  • As of: May 2022