Date 18 February 2022
Pages 95
Format cm 22 x 31
Price € 21.00
EAN 9782317025327
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Birds for Cross-stitching

Publisher Mango
Category Practical Books
Birds can be tricky to cross stitch, but Hélène Le Berre's refined patterns will delight experienced embroiderers.

Appreciated for their vibrant plumage and delicate postures, birds are among the subjects dear to embroiders. Hélène Le Berre devotes a veritable ode to them here, drawing from ornithological studies and bucolic imagery. représentations bucoliques. In addition to gridded pattern charts, embroiderers can make such light and charming decortions as a basket, a cushion, or a birdhouse! A gifted illustrator, Hélène Le Berre always pairs her embroideries with sketches or watercolors that help her refine her color palette, at once tender and tart.

  • Rights Sold Korean, Japanese, Russian
  • As of: May 2022