Date 13 June 2019
Pages 155
Format cm 22 x 22
Price € 22.00
EAN 9782212677003
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The Art of Sketching: Animals from Life

The Art of Sketching
Publisher Eyrolles
Category Practical Books
Keywords Sketching - Art - Drawing - Animals - Nature
This richly illustrated book invites readers to observe animals in their native habitats and sketch them unobtrusively.

Wild, domesticated, familiar, aquatic: learn how to draw animals from life, an art that is part of the long tradition of plein air sketching as practiced by all the great painters.
In other genres, the subject is generally immobile - architecture, landscape, live models - but sketching animals is all about movement. You must to be able to draw very quickly, but the rewards are plentiful: the animal world offers an infinite diversity of forms, colors, and postures. In this book, Charles Szlakmann happily shares with readers his fascination with the artistic possibilities animals provide.