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The Cry of the People (New Edition)

Publisher Casterman
Age All Ages
One of Tardi's greatest masterpieces in a new format.

March 7, 1871. It’s snowing in Paris. A woman’s body is fished out of the Seine River. In her hand, an enigmatic glass eye bearing the number 13. The local police chief launches an investigation. However, the case of the drowned woman isn't what worries him most. Rather, it's the wind of revolt stirring in the working-class districts… Adapted from Jean Vautri's famous novel, Le cri du peuple is more than a police intrigue and the wonderful cheeky humor of its many characters. It is spectacular and poignant chronicle of the Paris Commune: a few weeks of insurrection and total freedom, during which the Parisian people decided, without further ago, to fashion a utopia for themselves.

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  • As of: April 2022