Date 06 June 2019
Pages 97
Format cm 16 x 20
Price € 14.00
EAN 9782844555564
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36 Grains of Rice, or Koichi's Great Journey

Publisher L'Élan vert
COLLECTION Carnet pont des arts
Category Children's Books
Age 9-12Adults
A coming-of-age tale set in 19th-century Japan and illustrated with 15 Hokusai prints.

Koichi was in love with Yunko, and Yunko with Koichi. But to get his beloved's hand in marriage, he had to succesfully complete a challenge all her other suitors had failed at: sell a load of rice throughout the land while keeping 36 grains of rice in his right hand, never opening his fist. Tomomi, a wily, whiny fox, is his traveling companion. Good luck, Koichi.

  • Sales in France 4,000 copies
  • Rights Sold Italy
  • As of: February 2022