Date 03 October 2018
Pages 88
Format cm 17 x 24
Price € 14.90
EAN 9782747088794
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I've Got an Idea!

Publisher Bayard Jeunesse
Category Children's Books
Keywords Creativity
Age 3-6
"It's new, it's different, it's unlike anything else!" This book is a joyful invitation to develop your creativity!

In this affectionate, personal book, Hervé Tullet puts the creative process into words and pictures.
What is an idea? How does it come into your head? What is the point of ideas? The meticulous research, the joy, the creative energy: with a few striking illustrations, he makes it all real. He shows that ideas are everywhere, within everyone’s reach--if we’d only train ourselves to go after them! In this book, prolific children's author Tullet pulls back the curtain on creativity, giving them the confidence to cultivate their own ideas.

  • Sales in France 7,000 copies
  • As of: September 2021