Date 04 June 2020
Pages 176
Format cm 20 x 25
Price € 19.90
EAN 9782842307721
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Sculpting the Woods

Publisher Gallimard
Category Practical Books
Keywords DIY
25 natural creations, step by step.

Wandering, gathering, cutting, sculpting, turning, carving, and waxing: these are woodcarver Guillaume Ougier's daily activities. In showing us how to sculpt the wood he gathers on his hikes, he invites readers to slow the pace of their lives and reconnect with nature. 25 very simple objects, from wooden spoons to candlesticks, by way of mobiles, wood-shaving potpourri, and even pencils, these unique handmade creations born of observing our surroundings will find a place in any home.

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