Date 23 October 2019
Pages 400
Format cm 14 x 19
Price € 23.00
EAN 9782330126315
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The Media, The World, And Us

Publisher Actes Sud
Keywords Media
In this book, Anne-Sophie Novel demonstrates that being well-informed today is as necessary as eating healthy was twenty years ago, and presents potential solutions, illustrated with numerous examples.

"The state pisses on us and the media tell us it's raining." Reading that spray-painted slogan on the side of a subway train may make you smile, until you truly measure what the joke sums up: that the media manipulate us, lie to us, and the powers that be have them under their thumb. The public seems to be fed up with the constant flow of information it receives from morning to night. Why and how did we come to this? Is it possible to rethink the journalistic profession? To change the relationship between producer and consumer of information?