Date 14 October 2020
Pages 272
Format cm 13 x 19
Price € 18.50
EAN 9782220097312
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Anatomy Of The Human Interest Story

Author Bob Garcia
Keywords News in brief
The funny, disturbing, and well-documented decryption of a complex phenomenon.

From Jack the Ripper to Covid-19, which began with reports of a few infected people in a Chinese market, the human interest story continues to fascinate us. Bob Garcia invites us to plunge into this unpredictable and multifaceted universe. Does it have any use in and of itself, other than the fascination with the strange and the abnormal? What is its impact on man, literature, and society? In the twenty-first century, it seems to have invaded the media to the point of replacing traditional news stories. Never before has it seemed so savage and sordid.