Date 07 November 2019
Pages 208
Format cm 16 x 24
Price € 25.00
EAN 9782749164243
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A Guide to Style
Publisher Le Cherche Midi
Category Practical Books
Keywords Elegant - Great women
A guide for all women who want to be chic and feel good about themselves, this book demystifies fashion while enhancing the pleasure we take in dressing up.

CHIC is a book for everyone going through a change of image or lifestyle. It teaches you to put together a fashionable, modern, and effective wardrobe with a touch of whimsy and a smidgen of sexy. Once you hit fifty as a woman, you're free to pick and choose, reinvent yourself, have fun, mix it up, create your own style. This book also provides tips and tricks for more mindful consumption. Christine Lombard and Lucille Renie dispense valuable advice when it comes to buying clothes that will become classics, and knowing how to say no to things that aren't cut out for us. An absolute must-have!