Date 10 September 2020
Pages 164
Format cm 18 x 24
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EAN 9782212572391
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Passing on Values

Parity, ecology, respect of the difference: it can be learned!
Publisher Eyrolles
COLLECTION Parents au top
Category Practical Books
Equality, ecology, respecting differences: they have to learn it somewhere!

Respect is important. Whether it be respecting civic values, the planet, the opposite sex, others, differences, or oneself... We would of course like to pass on these values to our children, but how can we explain and apply them in everyday family life?
This guide includes: Positive parenting tools to create a family environment of love and respect; Answers to questions about equality, the environment, difference; Fun activities to make better consumer choices and avoid stereotyping; A detachable notebook to go from reflection to implementation.