Date 18 November 2020
Pages 192
Format cm 15 x 22
Price € 19.90
EAN 9782738153616
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Parental Burn-Out

Publisher Odile Jacob
COLLECTION Psychologie
Category Practical Books
Keywords Parenting - Burn-out - Anthill
Parental burn-out explained by the two specialists who first identified the phenomenon.

You would like to be a good, caring, attentive parent. But in reality, you're completely exhausted and often end up feeling guilty for losing your temper over trivial things... This book is for all the weary parents out there: from those trying to understand parental burn-out, to those looking for ways to get over one and making sure it never happens again! An excellent practical guide, designed for all parents! Both authors are research directors, doctors of psychology, and professors at the University of Leuven.