Date 05 October 2018
Pages 192
Format cm 24 x 31
Price € 28.95
EAN 9782800162515
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Publisher Dupuis
Keywords Politics - Investigation
Age Adults
After the fascinating Fatale, another neo-crime novel masterpiece by Manchette, adaptated by Cabanes.

While paying a visit to an upmarket Parisian brothel, the American ambassador is kidnapped by the leftist group that goes by the name of “Nada.” However, the kidnapping was caught on camera. Police chief Goemond gathers his evidence and is soon on the trail of the abductors: five men of various ages and backgrounds. Manchette’s iconic novel, adapted to cinema by Claude Chabrol in 1973, feels thrillingly modern to this day.

  • Sales in France 19,000 copies
  • Adaptations Novel adapted to film by Claude Chabrol in 1973
  • As of: September 2021