Date 17 September 2020
Pages 179
Format cm 17 x 22
Price € 14.95
EAN 9782263171277
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Urban Regreening: A Practical Manifesto

50 Things You Can Do to Change Your City Without Leaving It
Publisher Solar
Category Practical Books
Keywords Greening - Ecology - Urban - Gardening
50 things you can do to put a little green back into your city!

This book is for everyone who loves cities but hates concrete jungles! From private space to public space, from your home to the entire city, find out about 50 practical, active and activist ways to make your surroundings greener. Every little step counts! Start slowly at home, then try out more ambitious experiments outside: build your own worm compost, collect your own seeds, set up a rainwater recovery system and beehives on the rooftop, hijack urban furniture, throw seed bombs, vanish that concrete, found a community garden, and more!

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