Date 02 July 2020
Pages 0
Format cm 18 x 23
Price € 23.00
EAN 9782212679601
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Vanlife for Families

Dare to be free!
Publisher Eyrolles
Category Practical Books
For all those who thought having kids meant the end of raod trips, because traveling with them took too much planning…

Vanlifing is experiencing freedom to its fullest! It means setting out on the road whenever, however you want, never worrying about booking a train or hotel, moving at your own pace, stopping when you feel like it, for as long as you want. It's perfect for children, letting them discover new horizons while working with their schedules and preserving a familiar environment. This book is for all those road trip lovers out there who want to take their tribe on an adventure but need some answers and advice from other families first. And also those who haven't yet taken the plunge, but just want to indulge their fantasies for a few pages.

  • Sales in France 2,800 copies
  • As of: June 2021