Date 25 February 2021
Pages 309
Format cm 14 x 23
Price € 19.95
EAN 9782749944531
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Flying with Birds

Author Sarah Marquis
Publisher Michel Lafon
Keywords Quest - Nature - Magic - Legendary
Awaken your senses with this ode to wide-open espaces!

It all starts when Pumilla, a.k.a. as Pum, receives an extraordinary object, a dinosaur bone, in the mail while on break between expeditions. A trail of clues will lead her and her team all the way to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, where feathered dinosaurs, ancestors of today’s birds, have been discovered. But, at some point in the journey, having faced down dangers, bandits, and the disorienting effects of an ancestral tea recipe, Pum realizes that this expedition is far more than a dinosaur hunt. It’s as if someone is testing her loyalty, her strength, and her ability to believe in a universal magic that challenges our most rational instincts.