Date 25 March 2021
Pages 222
Format cm 17 x 23
Price € 19.90
EAN 9791030103861
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Vacations in the Wild

Publisher Tana
Category Practical Books
The first-ever guidebook to traveling as a family in the wild.

The ideal guide for getting out of your daily routine and spending your family vacations differently. From camper van to tent, sleeping in the woods or by a seaside cove -- wake up in the morning to a breathtaking view!
Profiles, tips, and destination suggestions invite you to travel at a different pace, closer to nature. Set up your vehicle, learn how to fish, pick out constellations, cook seaweed, make kites… This guide will teach you how to enjoy the nature that awaits you to the fullest and turn you into a real-life Swiss Family Robinson for a night, a week or more!

  • Sales in France 9,000 copies (of the first edition 2018)
  • As of: June 2021