Date 04 September 2017
Pages 329
Format cm 16 x 22
Price € 19.99
EAN 9791094786352
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Publisher Plume Blanche
COLLECTION Plume d'argent
Age Adults
In this fantastical Orient where magic is everywhere, Rozenn, a djinn princess, is forced to dwell deep in the palace of her worst enemies.

Rozenn is a djinn. For years, her people have beneath the dagnirs' yoke. Slavery has been abolished, but freedom still has a bitter taste. What if a royal marriage could put this painful past behind them?
The dagnirs took the djinns' blood, the essence of their power. Out of fear or envy, they did all they could to keep the djinns under their thumb.
Princess Rozenn had to meet the Sultan’s sons and pick a husband to help their people overcome their differences. But once in the capital, she realizes that the Sultan is not ready to give up his power over the djinns. She will have to navigate conspiracies and lies, but one thing is certain: she will do all she can to free her kind.

  • Sales in France 13,400 copies (Volumes 1 and 2)
  • Rights Sold Canada
  • Awards Named in the Prix des Imaginaire 2020; Finalist of the PLIB 2019; Prix des Halliennales 2020
  • Adaptations Paperback and Audiobook
  • As of: May 2021