Date 02 July 2019
Pages 390
Format cm 16 x 22
Price € 19.99
EAN 9791094786451
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Publisher Plume Blanche
COLLECTION Plume d'argent
Age Adults
In this fantastical Orient where magic is everywhere, Rozenn, a djinn princess, is forced to dwell deep in the palace of her worst enemies.

Rozenn Kaplang is a rebel. Here she is, taking up arms with her people against the sultan. But if she wants to achieve her goals, she has no other choice than to ally herself with the princes. But whom will they choose to side with? The freedom the djinns so long for, or instead, their father?

  • Sales in France 13,400 copies (Volumes 1 and 2)
  • Rights Sold Canada
  • Awards Named in the Prix des Imaginaire 2020; Finalist of the PLIB 2019; Prix des Halliennales 2020
  • Adaptations Paperback and audiobook
  • As of: May 2021