Date 20 November 2020
Pages 310
Format cm 14 x 22
Price € 19.00
EAN 9782713228605
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Making War, Making Gender

French women at work in National Socialist Germany (1940–1945)
Publisher Éditions EHESS
COLLECTION En temps & lieux
GENRE History - Sociology
Keywords Gender - Familly - Work - War - Germany
Age Adults
The daily lives of female French workers in Berlin during WWII.

Camille Fauroux examines the way in which the mass production of weaponry, characteristic of the "total wars" of the 20th century, disrupted gender relations in war-torn societies. Approximately 80,000 women left France to work in the munitions factories of Nazi Germany. By resurrecting this forgotten history, this book sheds light on the transnational dynamics of gender production, allowing us to conceive of women’s stories in World War II Europe as linked, interdependent realities rather than parallel experiences.

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